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all about our products

As a leading manufacturer of quality products, Kennedy Engineered Products is a major player in the industry. We’ve been supplying our goods to well-known local and global companies for years, and have developed an excellent reputation within the community. Our engineers are closely supported by a team of highly trained professionals, and ensure that all of our products embody the latest design, technological and usability breakthroughs.

Engine Adapters

Pioneering the engine swap industry, we continue to engineer and manufacture our kits from the best materials in the industry.  We continue to engineer new kits to keep up with the always changing automotive industry.When considering an engine swap you first must decide what it is you want.  



Since 1968 our development and reputation have grown to become the standard in the industry for all forms of VW, Porsche and Off Road Racing clutches.


Our kits are designed to use a stock VW or Porsche starter.  You may need to consider a high torque starter depending on the compression of your engine.

Subaru Vanagon

As our company’s pride and joy, our Product are our #1 best-selling product. And it’s not hard to see why - made from the strongest materials on the market, they are durable and last for decades. And with one of the lowest prices in the industry, we’ve captured the hearts and minds of our customers.

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