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Engine Adapters

Pioneering the engine swap industry, we continue to engineer and manufacture our kits from the best materials in the industry.  We continue to engineer new kits to keep up with the always changing automotive industry.When considering an engine swap you first must decide what it is you want.

Some things to consider when planning are:

  • Power desired

  • Carburation or fuel injection

  • Fuel mileage desired

  • Strength of trans-axle

  • Clutch needed

  • Starter required


Our engine adapter kits for manual trans-axles include:  

  • Adapter plate

  • Flywheel

  • Pilot bearing

  • Hardware to bolt the bare engine block to the bare trans-axle


Our engine adapter kits for automatic trans-axles include:  

  • Adapter plate

  • Flex plate

  • Hardware to bolt the bare engine block to the bare trans-axle

​The stock rubber mounts under the bellhousing for early bug and early bus interfere with some engine adapters, please let us know when ordering if your transaxle has these.  We can make clearance cuts for an extra charge for the kits that require these.

Some of our flywheels can be Lightened for an additional charge.  Total weight will vary depending on the flywheel type.  Please ask when ordering if this is an option you would like to consider, prices vary depending on amount of material removed.

If you have a damaged ring gear on one of our flywheels we can replace it.  We charge for the labor to remove and replace the ring gear along with the price of the new ring gear.

We can resurface our flywheels, price of the service depends on the size and condition of the flywheel.

VW Transaxles we adapt to: 

  • VW Bug

  • VW Bus

  • VW Vanagon

  • Mendeola

  • Fortin

  • Albins

  • Weddle

  • AGB

  • Rancho,

  • Fields Auto

  • Megasand


Porsche Transaxles we adapt to: 

  • 901

  • 914

  • 915

  • 930

  • G50

  • 996

  • 997

  • Boxster

  • Cayman


Audi Transaxles we adapt to: 

  • 016

  • 01e

  • 01x


We also adapt to Pantera  ZF or RBT Transaxles. 
We also adapt to the Toronado transaxle.

We also adapt to the Ricardo transaxle.


We are currently developing adapter kits to the Subaru transaxle.

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